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Jaya Agung Indonesia

PT. Jaya Agung Indonesia was established in 1997. PT. Jaya Agung Indonesia is a printing company, specializing in Paper printing, Label printing and Plastic printing. Through many years of experiences in printing businesses,

PT. Jaya Agung Indonesia has become one of the Leader of the printing company in Indonesia. PT. Jaya Agung Indonesia is supported by the latest model of high technological printing machineries and professional skilled of employees in operating, controlling and monitoring the machineries. Also, it is supported by the creative designers which have the capability in designing and developing product designs and artworks.

All of employees are well trained and very discipline in performing the SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) in the factories and management.

Our Vision

Become the best and the largest printing company in Indonesia in long run.

Our Mission

To produce an excellent quality of printing, paper printing, label printing and plastic printing and serve the best services to all customers, to provide the most competitive prices to all customers. Products and customers satisfaction oriented.

Our Culture

Our business and working culture is based on Productivity, Eficiency, Efective, Speeding and Flexibility. Productivity is in terms of production, Efciency is terms of timing, Efective is in terms of the right materials, Speeding in terms of lead time and Flexibility is in terms of urgent or needs.

Our Commitment

We committed to provide the best quality of our products, reliability and consistency in business and services. Product and Customer Satisfaction is on our ?rst priority list.

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